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Are you tired of warping, peeling, corroding, cracking, rotting, rusting wood or aluminum windows? Isn’t it getting old, having to dangerously teeter on a ladder to strip, sand, and repaint those windows on the second floor of your house? Are you tired of only having the outside of your windows cleaned once a year because you’re afraid of ladders?
Well, put an end to it all! Welcome to the era of vinyl windows!

Sunset Home Improvements’ Sunset series windows will make all of those chores a thing of the distant past. We use only high quality, 100% virgin vinyl, which will never, EVER warp, corrode, crack, rot, or rust. The color lasts for decades, and is extruded completely through the thickness of the material, so scratches won’t show. No more painting!
Cleaning is a breeze! On the vinyl frames, use a low abrasive cleaner when they get dirty. On the glass, use only soap and water. Added bonus: Sunset series windows tilt in for easy cleaning! No more ladders!

Vinyl windows are also the superior choice for maximum energy efficiency. Vinyl is 1000 times more efficient than aluminum. It is a natural thermal break and is used by many aluminum manufacturers as such in order to slow down the massive infiltration of both heat and cold that readily pass through aluminum. There is no break necessary when using a vinyl window.

Let’s not forget the environment! Vinyl properties have less impact on the environment than most competitive materials. Less than one-half of vinyl's weight is dependent on natural resources. Vinyl manufacturing requires only one-third of the energy needed to manufacture aluminum products. Also, without the need of paint or harsh abrasive cleaning materials, hazardous waste will be at a minimum.

With all this, why deal with the hassle of any inferior material? Sunset Home Improvements’ Sunset series windows offer unparalleled quality, maintainability, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the peace of mind that Sunset’s windows offer.

Call a Sunset Home Improvements representative and let us tell you more!

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