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1. Inspection

Our installation manager comes to your home to check the existing stucco for chipping, flaking, peeling, deterioration, and structural or hairline cracks.

Important: On final measure, the installation manager reviews all aspects of products that were originally requested. If there are any changes of customer or customer requests, they are made now and signed off and at that time the order will be immediately submitted for production.

2. Trenching

The installer digs a 4-6 inch deep trench around your home to ensure that when the Tex-Cote™ is applied, it goes further down than ground level.

3. Removal of old stucco and moisture measurement

The installer uses a high-powered water blaster, a wire brush, and a scraper to thoroughly remove any loose surfaces from the home. He will then measure the amount of moisture in the walls. Moisture is a major impediment to the Tex-Cote installation; so all measures must be taken to ensure a low or non-existent amount of moisture.

4. Patch and Repair

The removal of the old stucco causes an uneven surface. Tex-Cote must be applied on a smooth surface. The installer will spot prime and patch the walls with Tex-Bond to make as smooth a wall as possible.

5. Masking

The installer will then cover all the shrubs, trees, and gardens near your home to protect them from the Tex-Cote. Masking tape will be applied to all other surfaces to protect them from any stray sprays.

6. Primer

A coat of Tex-Cote primer will be applied to the entire exterior of your home intended for Tex-Cote application. Primer adheres the Tex-Cote to the building.

7. Tex-Cote™

The Tex-Cote is finally applied. Several different finish styles can be applied to conform to your standards.

8. Trim-Cote

You can trim your home with Trim-Cote™. This attractive alternative to paint is much thicker and will last much longer than any paint will. The installer will scrape, sand, patch, glaze, and prime your trim before he applies the Trim-Cote.

9. Post-installation Inspection

The job site foreman will inspect the Tex-Cote application with the homeowner. Upon your complete satisfaction, you will be asked to sign a completion certificate and check off sheet.

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