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Milgard Window are known statewide as one of the leading window manufacturers and Sunset Home Improvements stands behind their products. Sunset is currently promoting the next generation of wood windows, Milgard's WoodClad™ Window Series, an innovative combination of the best materials to create the most durable, practical, beautiful window today.


Milgard's premium vinyl window line offers unparalleled patented materials and innovative manufacturing techniques, which translate into beautiful, energy efficient and maintenance free vinyl windows.

WoodClad ™ Series - New!

Milgard WoodClad™ windows are truly the best of all worlds. With this unique product, we have joined the strength and energy advantages of pultruded fiberglass with the warmth and appeal that only wood offers.

Inside, the beauty of clear, vertical grain Douglas fir warms interiors, for a look you just can't find in an ordinary pine window. The interior is stainable, paintable and can be refinished.

Outside, the strength of fiberglass protects your investment from the harsher side of Mother Nature. Fiberglass is perhaps the best exterior material we've found. It's paintable. It's stronger than aluminum. And unlike vinyl cladding, fiberglass has an extremely low expansion and contraction rate.

Classic Vinyl ™ Series

Milgard's Classic Vinyl™ window line offers a substantial wood window appearance, without the maintenance headaches of a painted wood window. Our Classic Vinyl™ design has set new standards in the window industry for strength and design flexibility.

Style Line Vinyl™ Series

Milgard Style Line Vinyl™ windows offer a narrower frame profile reminiscent of an aluminum window. Our Style Line Series is ideal for use in a variety of homes, apartments and condominiums or in projects where maximum glazing area is important. Milgard's style Line Series is available in White and Almond.

Narrow frame profiles for maximum glazing area.
Energy efficiency: Some of the best U factors in the industry.
Distinctive hardware for ease of operation and the peace of mind knowing that when your sliding and single hung windows are closed, they're locked.

Quiet Line™ Series

Milgard's Quiet Line™ windows offer the best in sound control performance as well as superior protection from heat, cold and the elements. Quiet Line™ provides sound transmission class ratings from 40 to 47, making it suitable for even the toughest acoustical challenges. Featuring the same high quality vinyl compound and attention to detail that all Milgard windows are known for, our Quiet Line Series has been designed with years of maintenance free use in mind.

Ultra™ Series

Ultra™ Windows from Milgard feature a pultruded fiberglass frame that is extremely durable, is always square and has strength and energy saving characteristics that surpass aluminum, wood and vinyl. Because of its inherent properties, fiberglass can't swell like wood. It expands and contracts less than vinyl, aluminum and even steel.

Aluminum Standard Series

Milgard Aluminum windows are an ideal choice for mild climates where design or price outweighs energy efficiency. Aluminum windows continue to be a popular choice in areas of the desert Southwest.

Glazing for Sound Control

Milgard's standard windows were engineered with sound control in mind. We offer three major frame types and four window lines with ratings from STC28 to STC30.

By adding heavier glass, and in some cases differing glass thicknesses, a higher reduction in sound is achievable.

The use of laminated glass and differing glass thicknesses allows Milgard to produce windows with some of the highest STC ratings available in a non-commercial windows system.

Low-E Glass

Low E is the clear low-emissive coating on one side of the glass that is microscopically - thin and has optically transparent layers of silver sandwiched between layers of metal oxide coatings. This specific process is known as "sputter coating" and is also referred to as soft-coat. Low E filters the sun's energy in the summer and reduces heat loss in the winter. Low E lets in visible sunlight while blocking infrared and reducing ultraviolet solar energy that fades carpet and furniture.

Full Lifetime Guarantee

Whether you are buying Milgard windows for your own home, a client's home, or a commercial project we'll give you peace of mind with our warranties.

Offering the strongest backing in the industry, Milgard stands behind every window built. Our guarantee promises we will repair or replace any defective window free of cost to the original homeowner. Parts and labor included. Ranging from ten years for commercial applications to our Full Lifetime Warranty for homeowners, our guarantees mean no hassles, no hidden costs and no headaches.

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