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The 3 Lite Slider Magic Window® is built with the award winning Parallex Hardware enabling the outside sashes to slide back and forth. The sashes tilt inwards, allowing for greater ventillation and easy cleaning. The Multi Point Lock system secures the sashes into place in one easy step without compromising our high standard in security.

3 Lite Slider Window Benefits

  • Our Windows will NEVER Sag
  • You will NEVER have to look Through a Screen
  • You will NEVER have to Operate a Crank
  • Sizes that were not Available Before
  • Windows can ALWAYS be Adjusted
  • Performs Like a Picture Window
  • Looks Like a Picture Window
  • Guaranteed 25% Energy Savings with Super A Glass
  • No Icing
  • User Friendly
  • Easy to Clean
  • With Mullion in the Middle, Casement can look like a Double Hung Window

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