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The Architectural Window
The Egress Window
The Motion Picture Window
Features Standard on All 6000 Series Windows

The Architectural Window

Imagine a double hung window that opens in one step (far less than the 6 steps for conventional windows). You don't have to look through a screen. It performs better than any other window yet is almost impossible to break in.

The Egress Window

Imagine a slider that opens for maximum ventilation and allows escape in just ONE second. You don't have to look through the screen. It performs better than any other window yet is almost impossible to break in.

The Motion Picture Window

Imagine a picture window that you can clean on both sides from indoors, yet it's almost impossible to break in. Plus, the rollaway, self storing screen mean your view is unobstructed.

Features Typical on All 6000 Series Windows

Parallex® Design for Security and Safety

The Parallex®"center lock is key to the high security. The window has a minimum 3-point lock system to a maximum of 5 locks, depending upon the size.

Extra deep, engineered, resin shoot bolt keys reinforce the sash and frame resulting in unprecedented strength. In addition to multiple cam locks, the bolts prevent the window from being pried open.

Slide 'N' Hide™

The Self Storing Window Screen. We give you a screen when you NEED a screen. When you simple grasp the handle and slide it across to the other side where it locks into place.


  • Triple Lifetime Warranty on glass, hardware and frame


  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to clean
  • Parallex®® makes adjustments easy event after house sags
  • Eliminates screen removal


  • High security
  • No air infiltration
  • Reduce noise up to 85%
  • Parallex® hardware guarantee performance
  • Easy escape in case of emergency

User Friendly

  • Parallex® makes windows easy to clean
  • Parallex® makes windows easy to operate
  • Increases natural light into home
  • Screen is visible only when needed

Crystal Achievement Award – “Most Innovative Product!”

Achievement & Recognition

The Vinyl Window Series 6000 windows are built with high-quality and time-tested components, winning the home improvement industry’s Crystal Achievement Awards for the most Innovative Product of the Year several times over the past years.

As technology improves, so do Sunset Home Improvements’ window products.

Security. Numbers Don’t Lie…

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association is the source of performance standards, product certification and educational programs for the fenestration industry.
They bring light to the Series 6000 superior quality through rigorous testing.

Tests were done for water resistance, structural uniform load, air infiltration and force entry resistance, resulting in high marks for the Series 6000. Here are the results:

The Motion Picture Window
Overall Performance Rating: C80
Force Entry Resistance (FER): 40

The Egress Window
Overall Performance Rating: R35
Force Entry Resistance (FER): 40

The Architectural Window
Overall Performance Rating: R50
Force Entry Resistance (FER):


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