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For years vinyl windows and doors have been the preferred choice of homeowners all over North America. Our rigid vinyl windows and doors are designed and built for years of thermal efficiency, animated to the master frame. In between, there's insulating double-pane glass to keep you cool in summer, warm in winter. Outside are durable, attractively styled, fusion-welded master frames and sashes, multi-chambered to trap air for energy savings. Made of rigid PVC vinyl, they will never chip, peel, blister or need painting.

Superior Performance

To ensure lasting quality, all 2000 Series Windows are built with thermally fused, welded frames that assure maximum strength and prevent the infiltration of air, water and noise. The rigid vinyl construction combined with the natural insulating properties of vinyl reduces heat and cold transfer providing energy efficiency.

Here are some structural features of the Sunset Vinyl Window Series:

Master frames are fusion welded with superior rigidity from our double outer wall. Multi-chambered extrusions provide increased strength. Metal reinforced handle section provides long-term strength.

Reinforced weather-stripping and our own compress seal design are the highest quality available. Our easy to operate Nite™ latch is standard. This feature allows for either top or bottom ventilation.

Assembled sashes look best. Four-wall construction provides maximum strength and protects the sealed unit from thermal cycling. See our ten-year limited warranty. The co-extruded glazing holds the glass firmly but gently. Our meeting rail has an additional extruded seal, which "Hugs" the interlock securely. The heavy-duty cam-lock pulls the sashes tighter as it provides security.

Two-tier drainage is a technical breakthrough from our research and development lab! Ask for our optional, industry leading low "E" argon filled glass with silicone foam spacer.

HP Glass Guard

HP Glass Guard gives you exceptional visibility, sparkling appearance and ease of cleaning. HP Glass Guard is always much easier to clean, on average stays cleaner twice as long and resists staining and discoloration. The surface of unprotected glass can easily be damaged. HP Glass Guard maintains beauty and performance by shedding water and contaminants more rapidly than ordinary glass. HP Glass Guard is a higher quality of glass. Your choice is clear!


A high-capacity, patented drainage system, which automatically opens to let water escape, then has a positive close to prevent outside air from introducing into your home. It is the little things that make the difference. Water draining off the window into the sill track flows through the sill and is released outside through the drainage weepers. Wind pressure and insects are blocked from entering the house by the positive closing action of the drainage weeper door.

Insulation Advantage

The Series 2000 Window is designed to provide high resistance to heat loss or gain throughout the year. The fusion welded multi-chambered extrusions and double-glazing trap "still air" adding to the window's insulation features. The patented TERKAR™ formula is a space-aged insulating material, which does not conduct heat and cold as metal does. In fact, tests have proven that they insulate 1400 times better than aluminum. Vinyl has insulating qualities comparable to wood yet none of its disadvantages such as rotting, cracking and the constant need for painting and expensive maintenance. The positive interlocking meeting rail with double Q-LON compression seal stops air and water penetration for many years to come.

Maintenance Advantage

There is virtually no maintenance. The sash and frames, with the color totally integrated into the PVC, cannot rust, rot, chip, flake, peel, corrode or otherwise deteriorate. They never have to be treated or painted. The 2000 Series Windows feature tilt-in sashes that make operation safe and easy from inside your home.

Beauty Advantage

Series 2000 features attractive beveled faced frames. Neat miter cut corners on both frame and sash eliminates open seams found on many vinyl and metal windows, which are prone to leakage. The lower sash is the narrowest sash in the industry, providing maximum light. The screens are flush mounted to the frames for a clean appearance. The handles are an integral part of the sash, not a screw-on accessory. The Series 2000 offers you the best combination of better insulation, durability, and attractive appearance for an affordable price.

Classic Look

Perhaps the best feature of all is the classic 2000 look. Like the other windows from Sunset, the Series 2000 has the beveled frame. The clean, thin lines of the frame and sash members eliminate the "beefy" look so common in other vinyl casement windows. Available in casement, slider, and double hung styles.


Older homes have slider windows. At Sunset, we've developed a high performance version with an easy tilt-cleaning feature. Best yet, this window has a slim appearance in spite of its tremendous profile strength and features.

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