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As an upgrade to Tex•Cote™, Super•Cote™ offers a life-time warranty against stucco rot and Infrared Pigment (IR).

This is the same product used on the stealth bomber, ships and submarines to reduce heat. Super•Cote™ makes darker colors believe that they are white, giving up to a 40% temparature difference as compared to all other paint products including Tex•Cote.

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Vinyl Window Series 4000
Vinyl Window Series 6000

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Why Do Different Color Paints Behave Differently in Sunlight?

The reason behind the absorption/reflection of light in paint and almost all surfaces is the electronic and molecular structure of the materials involved.

When a color absorbs light, it turns the light into thermal energy (heat). The more light a color absorbs, the more thermal energy it produces. Black paint absorbs all colors of light and is therefore warmer than white paint, which reflects all colors. And the more thermal energy the paint produces the warmer the home will be.

Living in "Sunny" Southern California, the paint on your house plays an important role in your energy bill. Since we choose to paint our home in other colors other than whites and yellows, Super•Cote™ wall coatings allow us to give our homes a sense of style and express our individual taste through the selection and application of a wider range of "prettier" exterior paint colors, without sacrificing home energy savings.

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