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Sunset introduces the fine door selections from ThermaTru™. These doors are surely to be a fine addition to the home. With a wide selection of styles and types to choose from, there is a ThermaTru™ door that will fit your budget and project needs.

No! It's Not Wood! It's Fiberglass!

More than 35 years ago, Therma-Tru revolutionized the door industry by creating exterior doors with all the benefits and none of the disadvantages of wood. Energy efficient materials were selected which out-perform wood... materials that don't warp or split even under the most severe weather conditions.

Ever since, Therma-Tru has ranked as the door industry's foremost innovator. In fact, they are the world's leading manufacturer of insulated door systems.
The Therma-Tru quest for quality and value continues in each of our product lines. Every component in each door system is designed, engineered and manufactured to work together.

Hand-Crafted Doorlites

Therma-Tru designs and manufactures beautiful Doorlites glass patterns to offer a wide selection of styles in every product line. Their exterior door systems with exquisite Doorlites are capturing the attention of homebuilders and buyers worldwide.


Their Classic-Craft doors give you all the premium touches you'd expect from the finest wood doors.

  • A Rich Natural Red Oak Grain
  • Full Mortised Brass Hinges
  • Solid Oak Square Edges
  • Superior Oak Adjustable Sill
  • Custom Look Finishing Choices
  • Plus a Wide Variety of Decorative
  • Glass Options

All this beauty comes with a level of performance others can't simply offer. Classic -Craft doors are back by a limited lifetime warrantee.


With the patented Fiber-Classic door, you get the look and feel of wood without wood's disadvantages. Our superior fiberglass technology takes the best qualities of wood and improves upon them.

  • Resist Damage - no splitting, cracking or warping like wood.
  • Insulates five time better than wood doors due to its solid polyurethane foam core.
  • Stains to look just like wood and the finish last three times longer.

Create the custom door you've always wanted with any other various panel styles by combining them with over a hundred Doorlites choices, including matching Sidelites and Transomes. A limited lifetime warrantee backs fiber-Classic doors.


Smooth Star fiberglass doors feature tough, compression molded fiberglass with a smooth, paint grade plus surface that's superior to steel doors.

  • No denting, Rusting, Splitting or Warping
  • Eliminates Time & Money in Repairing Dents
  • Twice the Warranty of Steel Doors

A limited 20-year warrantee backs smooth-Star doors.

Fiber-Classic® Patio Doors

For those rooms where you wanted the best view and the sun to pour in, Therma-Tru Fiberglass Patio doors frame the outdoors with the warm; rich look of wood, only with far more energy efficiency. Patented Fiber-Classic doors feature a solid polyurethane core to providing five times more insulation than wood.

Fiber-Classic Patio doors are backed by a limited lifetime warrantee.

Premium Steel Doors

Thanks to Therma-Tru, steel exterior door systems are nearly maintenance-free and have none of the disadvantages of wood. Premium Steel exterior door feature:

  • A Tough, Semi-Gloss White Primer Factory Applied to the Door
  • Optional White Vinyl-Clad Jambs
  • Optional Solid White Vinyl Bricks mould
  • White or Bronze Weather Stripping

A limited 10-year warrantee backs premium Steel doors. (Excluding wood jambs.)

Fire Doors

Therma-Tru B-Labeled Steel Fire doors provides at least 90 minutes of protection, surpassing the ASTM E-152 fire endurance tests. Or, for lighter duty applications, choose C-Labeled fire doors with 20 minute and 45-minute fire ratings.

  • 24-Gauge Electro-Galvanize Steel
  • Solid Insulating Core
  • Primed Steel Surface

Therma-Tru also offers a 10" x 10" vision lite with 1/4" wire mesh glass for use with 90 minute steel fire doors.

Construction Series

Therma-Tru Construction Series exterior door system economically provide quality. Energy-efficient and durable, limited selections of embossed or flush doors are available. And you can choose from a selection of Frosted Images™, Contemporary™ or Clear Doorlites.

They are made with tough 25-gauge steel. Unlike wood, this steel will not split crack or warp. A solid polyurethane core makes the door energy efficient.

They can be painted any color using high quality acrylic latex or 100% acrylic exterior house paint. All components are designed, engineered and manufactured to work together. Backed a limited 2-year warrantee.

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About Therma-Tru

Therma-Tru has established a position in the building materials industry through the manufacture and sale of insulated door systems. The company, founded in 1962 by David K. Welles Sr., has developed the reputation as a creative corporation utilizing an aggressive market strategy with major emphasis on product research and development. Between corporate headquarters in Maumee, OH, and manufacturing facilities in Roland, OK, Fredericksburg, VA, Butler, IN, and Matamoros, Mexico, Therma-Tru employs over 2,500 full-time individuals. We have 150 certified distributors throughout the domestic U.S. and the international marketplace with annual sales in excess of $400,000,000.

By introducing products made of advanced fiberglass compounds, Therma-Tru redefined the traditional concept of higher performance building materials. Advanced manufacturing technology assures products superior in quality and versatility that can be delivered quickly.

Introduction of the Fiber-Classic® door to the national housing market in 1983 was a clear illustration of Therma-Tru’s strategic philosophy. It affirmed Therma-Tru as the innovator in the building materials industry. The 1994 introduction of the Classic-Craft® door and the 1998 introduction of a complete line of Fiber-Classic sliding and hinged patio doors positioned Therma-Tru as the indisputable industry leader.

The Therma-Tru quest for quality and value continues in each of their product lines. The 1999 introduction of Smooth-Star® is predicted to revolutionize the fiberglass door industry. This intuitive new door boasts the same durable qualities of fiberglass, has a smooth surface and is competitively priced to steel.

Therma-Tru’s move towards greater use of reinforced fiberglass compounds and development of extruded and injection-molded materials has been motivated by this philosophy: We desire to develop, manufacture and control all aspects of the Therma-Tru Door System and believe the potential and performance of alternative materials is virtually unlimited.

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