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Sunset Home Improvements was established in El Segundo by William Pedrino in 1948, then known as Pedrino Sash and Door. 55 years later, this family owned and operated business is now headed by Don Pedrino, with his son Billy as the Vice President of Operations.

"The Bitterness of Poor Quality Lingers Long After the Sweetness of Low Price" is a favortite saying in the Pedrino Family, one for any businessperson to remember out in the marketplace.

Biography: The Pedrino Family

Three Generations, One Mission

William T. Pedrino (we like to call him Grandpa) started it all in 1948 with Pedrino Sash and Door in Hawthorne, California, selling and installing wood windows and doors. PS&D was a small business, thriving with only two or three employees for over fifteen years. During this time, Grandpa was able to build an extensive client base through repeat customers and constant referrals. In 1965, this busy father of four hired his thirteen-year-old son as an apprentice. Young Don’s duties included aiding in installation and other general assistance. By the time he was eighteen, Don had gained enough experience and expertise to be named partner in the company.

For over twenty years, Grandpa and Don headed PS&D together, improving the look of homes all over the county. In 1986, Don, by then a devoted husband and father of three, sold PS&D and started constructing new apartment buildings. At that time, Grandpa retired and remains a silent partner in all of Don’s business ventures to this day. Don enjoyed building homes, but couldn’t resist returning to the window and door replacement industry. In 1994 Don began Sunset Home Improvements in Marina Del Rey, California, selling and installing Certainteed™ windows and doors. The next year, his oldest son Billy left the Marines and was hired at Sunset with many of the same duties that had occupied Don in the beginning of his career. As the client base and number of employees grew, so did the need for a larger office and more products to cater to the needs of the customer. Sunset moved to El Segundo, California in 1998 and began to sell additional product brands, including Magic and Simonton.

Don and Billy began to see major changes in their company. Billy headed the sales department for Sunset and added more products, such as Tex-Cote™, to Sunset’s line. Billy’s efforts brought in more revenue to the company and proved him a worthy member of the Sunset team – so much so that he was made partner in 2000. In the same year, the ever-expanding Sunset team moved to the office they currently occupy, on Main Street, the busiest street in residential El Segundo. Don and Billy have seen their business grow from 4 part-time employees in 1999 to nearly 25 full-time employees in 2002. Billy also saw his family grow, as he is now a loving husband and father of four girls, the youngest of whom was born in February 2002.

Although Grandpa lives nearly 2 hours away, Don and Billy visit him on a regular basis, and all three golf together. Anyone who knows the Pedrinos sees closeness unparalleled by any other family. Because of this, the Pedrinos will treat your family the same way they would want you to treat their family. For over 50 years, the Pedrinos have had one mission – making your old home new again.

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Sunset Celebrates Its 55th Anniversary!

Proud of Success Sunset Thanks Employees, Customers, Suppliers and Friends for Their Support!

In a proud statement issued from their company headquarters, Sunset Home Improvements announced that 2003 is the 55th Anniversary of the founding of their business. The company started back in 1948, the same year the New York gave up the title of being the only city to have a rapid transit standard fare of $.05, when it raised that fare to $.10. The fare has not been raised since 1904. - Read Full Story

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